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As the global trends in population ageing, governments have set National Health Insurance plan, including the technologies and capital/labor-intensive medical device equipment industries with strong government support. Due to the industry associated with high economic importance, many companies who are actively investing in the related development industries. In 2013, the Ministry of Education has approved the establishment of institute combined with science, engineering, agriculture and biomedical fields in National Sun Yat-sen University. With the developmental characteristics of interdisciplinary biomedical molecules, medical materials and medical equipment, our institute offers master program to recruit the graduates from medicine, science, engineering, agriculture and marine sciences for the integration of multidisciplinary  biomedical technologies.



Initial objective:

To cooperative the education and medical care through the cultivation the talents for integration of the biomedical technologies.

Medium-term objective:

To increase the international visibility through expansion of cooperation with national research centers.

Long-term objective:

To promote and strengthen the research and development of medical industry in southern Taiwan through the international cooperation with the localized industries.



Our institute introduces the experts from Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital and combines with the science, engineering, marine in National Sun Yat-sen University for integration of interdisciplinary biomedical and industrial researches. Furthermore, this can complement our restriction without medical school and play a role in the health benefits.



Our institute will take the medical needs as a starting point and link to the medical equipment in Southern Taiwan Science Park and the establishment of the metal centers for medical equipment research and development. Additionally, we will highly-activated cultivate the talents for integration of the biomedical technologies. The development direction will mainly focus on the biomedical sensors, biomaterials and medical devices.